frozen in snow

TMI Set day 4 photos

TMI Set day 4

Well I did end up finding the set again today thanks to Will W!! Unfortunately, I didn’t really get to see any of the cast members because they were filming inside and I wasn’t there when they returned from their breaks. ): I do have some pictures I took of the area that I’ll post tomorrow.

But today was the last day that I’ll be visiting the TMI set, so if you followed me for any set pictures, you can unfollow me and I won’t mind at all.


I just wanted to thank the cast and crew for being so accommodating towards the fans. Firstly, the cast. They work such long hours each day and they still manage to greet the fans happily and sign their books/ take photos with them if possible. I admire their work ethic and hugely respect them. Secondly, the crew. They have to work just as long as the cast (probably longer considering setup and cleanup) and they are also incredibly nice to us fans. Good luck to everyone working on The Mortal Instruments and once again, thanks for making my experience a memory I’ll never forget.

The seraphs lament
while Ares draws still
in the gelid wake
of winter's la neige